Committee descriptions and areas of responsibility:


Committees will elect chairs.  Each committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board, and provides a monthly report to the Board, emailed to the President of the Board or Executive Director by the first Tuesday of each month.  Committee chairs will set meeting times, locations and modes of communication for committee meetings, taking into consideration the ability for members to make the meetings.  The chair will also be the contact person for the Committee and serve as the liaison with the Board.  Minutes of meetings should be maintained and sent to the Secretary of the corporation. Executive Director and Board President are Ex Officio members of each committee.





To work closely with the Programming and Marketing committees to identify funding needs.  Research, evaluate, and pursue grant opportunities, maintain a database of relevant granting agencies and deadlines, report on grant activities, prepare final reports for grants received.

To propose, plan, and execute fund-raising activities, seek sponsorship for specific and general purposes as defined by the Board, provide a monthly report on fund-raising and sponsorship, maintain a contributor list and contact list, organize solicitations or annual fundraising drives.


Committee Members: Elizabeth Sorensen (Chair), Rae Dyer, Joe Wasserman, Mary Ellen Sullivan





To maintain accounting, financial record-keeping, prepare and maintain a yearly budget, cost analysis for price-setting. The treasurer of LOI will serve as chair of the Finance Committee.


Committee Members:                  (Chair), Chris Nielsen, Mary Ellen Sullivan







To address groundskeeping, propose facility improvements, identify and carry out needed maintenance, update the maintenance jobs list on a monthly basis


Committee Members: Mary Ellen Sullivan (chair), Bruce Nielsen, Chris Nielsen.





To propose programs, solicit presenters, set proposed schedules for programs, maintain a yearly calendar of proposed events, define what is needed for a program (to pass on to Finance Committee for cost analysis and Marketing/Advertising department for promotion and Grants and Sponsorship/Fundraising committees for financial support.)  Programs include educational programming (e.g., workshops, camps, classes, field trips, coops) rather than promotional or outreach events (e.g., fundraising events, participation in community fairs, conference attendance and other community activities.)  Programming should also provide reports on and look out for crossover activities that could be shared with other committees (e.g. end of year event for LOL that could also be a volunteer recognition event or LOL publication that could also serve as a marketing tool).


Committee Members: Mary Ellen Sullivan (chair), Martina Bachlechner, Elizabeth Sorensen






To maintain the strategic plan, by-laws, articles of incorporation, policies, contracts, website, nominations. Provide pertinent documents in a form that is easily accessible by committees and other board members. (Also currently heading up the change in location and facility search.)


Committee Members:              (chair), Maggie Sorensen, Elizabeth Sorensen, Chris Nielsen 








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