"I greatly appreciate the commitment to Learning Options by so many dedicated people.  It has been an incredible experience growing up with such a diverse and welcoming community.  Learning Options is a community of mentors, volunteers, and parents.  Thanks to each and every one of you for providing me with a fantastic experience."

- LOI program participant

"My son (age 10) went to his first Learning Options camp last summer.  I can't say enough about this organization.  Their facilities are clean, the communication with the parents is clear and the price is reasonable.  Above all this, their staff is wonderful! These adults are true teachers and they love to learn as much as their students.  They are mindful of each child's needs and treat them with respect.  My son had such a great time last year that his sister (age 7) has decided to join him this year.  I know she will enjoy it just as much."

- Parent of Happy Summer Camper


"Both of my children (ages 10 & 13), one of whom is homeschooled, have benefited tremendously from high quality curriculum offered through the programs of Learning Options, Inc.  We are also grateful for the support LOI provides through its Learning Out Loud! program, which has been instrumental in heping us establish meaningful connections with other homeschooling families to ensure that my homeschooled son accesses social activities and is academically challenged and engaged."

- Mom who values education

"My special needs daughter (age 10) has participated in four of LOI's programs over the past seven months.  I have been thrilled with the quality and content of their programs.  The hands-on experiences, small class size, and low instructor to student ratio has enabled my daughter to thrive.  LOI provides a rich environment for academics that is not available anywhere else, and we look forward to our continued participation in future programs."

- Mom who enjoys choices for learning


"I learned new things!"          
"I liked everything."         
"It was hands-on and I learned a lot!"        
"The instructor was friendly         and the class was fun."        
"[I learned] a lot about chemistry."    
When students were asked...
"Did you enjoy taking this class?" - 98% answered yes.
"Did you learn a lot about the subject?" - 95% answered yes.
When parents were asked...
"Did this program meet your expectations?" - 100% answered yes.
"Did this program further your child's knowledge?" - 92% answered yes.
"Did your child enjoy participating in this program?" - 92% answered yes.

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