SPRK is the educational summer program from Learning Options, geared to different ages depending on the topic, offered at our learning center, based in Marion County (305 Songbird Lane Fairmont, WV) and our NEW Harrison County location (445 W. Main St. room 299-A Clarksburg, WV).  


SPRK is designed to keep kids excited about learning over the summer - and spark interest in different topics.


We are featuring classes in STEAM* topics for the 2019 summer session. (*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) 
Workshops will reinforce the following skills and objectives: Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Research, Spatial Reasoning, Reading, Math, Arts. 



4-day workshop:  $80 per participant



Workshop drop-off time is 8:45, pick-up time is NOON. There will be a 5-minute grace period, and then parents will be charged $1 for every minute beginning at the end of the program until their children are picked up.


Workshop options listed below have been given an age limit as well as a maximum number of participants by instructors.  Please remember, your registration is considered complete (and your child's spot reserved in the workshop) once we have received your payment.  Invoices will be sent upon registration (although it is not an automatic feature).



Podcasts- FAIRMONT location:

June 3rd through June 6th 9am to noon


D & D - FAIRMONT location:

June 17th through June 20th 9am to noon


Pokemon - CLARKSBURG location:

July 8th through July 11th 9am to noon


In the event we fill a workshop and have a waiting list we may repeat that workshop at our other location. (If the Fairmont workshop fills, we may run an additional workshop at the Clarksburg location, and vice versa.)

All camps are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient enrollment.

                                              Basics of a Podcast

                                                            JUNE 3 - 6 FAIRMONT LOCATION 9am - noon 

                                                                              Instructor:  Daniel Bonner

                                                                            (Geared to ages 12 to adult)

In this 4-day/12-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to bring your unique voice to the crowded podcast market and make it stand out! Our professional podcast instructor will teach all about podcasting, from your rough idea to post-production. Participants will get hands-on experience as they learn the importance of research, software, equipment, recording and mixing in the creation of a quality podcast. 



 Introduction to

 Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)


 JUNE 17 - 20 FAIRMONT location 9am - noon                                   

 Instructor:  Anthony Bankers-Beckett

(Geared for ages 12 to adult)

Roll the dice and see if you can sneak past the sleeping dragon.  In this beginner's course to Dungeons and Dragons, participants will be taught the basics of how to play the popular tabletop game. Upon completion of this workshop participants should have enough basic knowledge to join a local D&D game group (of which there are several).








The Basics of Pokemon Card Game

also to feature Pokemon Go and art.

                                                                                  JULY 8 - 11 CLARKSBURG location 9am - noon   

                                                Instructor:  Seth Butcher 

                                                                                                                            (Geared for ages 7 to 11 but older may attend)

For day one and two of this workshop, participants will learn to basics of this competitive card game that utilizes math, reading, and problem-solving skills. We will touch briefly on the physical rendition, Pokemon Go (If registered participants have a cell phone they may bring it. For those who don't have a cell phone - no worries, they'll be buddying up).  *Participants will receive a deck of 60-75 instructional cards (printed version of cards) in protective sleeves.


Day three and four have participants exploring their creative side to sketch their favorite Pokemon or create one of their own, which will then be painted on canvas. 




& Dragons




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