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Summer SPRK

Learning Options, Inc. is excited to offer 5 weeks of SUMMER CAMPS for 2022! 

The complete schedule is listed below. The AM session runs from 9:00-12:00 and the PM session runs from 1:00-4:00. Before and after care is available for $10 per day for AM or PM or $15 per day for both before and after care (per participant), check out "A Day in the Life" below the schedule!

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Summer SPRK: "A Day in the Life"

Every week campers explore two different subjects throughout the day, giving them a chance to explore various STEAM subjects. We believe in team-building and cultivating friendships by providing games and activities at multiple points throughout the day. Full day campers are asked to bring a lunch, snacks, and a drink, a water bottle refill station is provided. Half day campers may choose to bring a snack. The daily schedule is as follows:

7:30-9:00 Before Care Available $10 per day, per participant

9:00-10:30 AM Session

10:30-10:35 Break/Snack

10:35-12:00 AM Session Resumes

12:00-1:00 Lunch and Recess for Full- Day Participants ONLY

1:00-2:30 PM Session

2:35-2:35 Break/Snack

2:35-4:00 PM Session Resumes

4:00-5:30 After Care Available $10 per day, per participant ($15 for both before and after care)

Summer SPRK: Summer Camp Descriptions

  • Botany: A Study of Plants- in this interactive hands-on camp, participants will learn about the Life Cycle of plants, how plants grow, how to care for plants and how to build their very own porch garden!


  • Art: Leaves, Seeds, Petals, and Trees- Art in Nature, will provide an integrative creative experience for young makers to explore and create art from nature, in nature, and with nature. We will explore watercolor, clay, printmaking, and collage techniques as well as bring multiple disciplines together for mixed-media work. We invite youth to explore art and create their own masterpieces.

  • Stop Motion Animation- Did you ever want to make your own animation movie, say like — The Lego Movie? At this camp kids will create their own animation set with a variety of materials, learn different techniques with paper and LEGO bricks to get the right movement, find out why lighting is important, and add in music and voice. Then at the end of the week, participants will get to see it all come together in their very own Stop Motion Animation Short Film. 


  • Robotics: Basics of EV3 and SPIKE Prime- is designed for youth ages 9-14 who wish to learn the basics of the robot used for FIRST LEGO League and SUMO Robotics Competitions. Participants will gain experience with the EV3/SPIKE Prime “brick” with activities that challenge them to design and build robots that perform various tasks using drag and drop programming, collaboration, spatial reasoning, creativity, critical thinking, reading & math.


  • Puppetry: A Puppet Party- have fun learning the concept of puppet design, where participants will create their own puppets and explore character building. Kids will try their hand at bringing their puppets to life in a collaborative class skit. Everyone will get to flex their individual creativity and make a “puppet pie” where they will bring all their own characters to life in a self-written short skit.


  • LEGO Explorers: A World of Imagination-LEGO Explorers will be perfect for any participant that has an interest in any of the following subjects: science, math, building, inventions, machines, or storytelling. Participants will enjoy building a small town and the machines that may be used in their community. They will then write a history of their town that includes descriptions of all the builds they created.

  • Dungeons & Dragons- Roll the dice and take a chance, come learn how to play the world’s greatest roleplaying game! In this beginner's course to Dungeons and Dragons, you will be taught the basics of how to play this popular tabletop game. Take control of heroic adventures that you create yourself.


  • “Staying Connected” Art and Self- Participants will benefit and enrich their life through exposure to art. They will explore their strengths, values, and dreams in this intensive art based camp. We will delve into the world of self-portraiture, dioramas, and mixed-media work while exploring the theme of “Staying Connected.”


  • Life Cycle Science: Birds, Frogs, Butterflies and More!- In this camp, participants will build an understanding of the various stages a living thing goes through during it’s life. We will learn all about honey bees, birds, frogs, butterflies, and the praying mantis through hands-on activities.


  • Earth Science: Biosphere- From plants and animals to fungi and bacteria, together we will learn all about the parts of Earth where life exists! This includes all Earth’s biomes and ecosystems!

Quilt Camp: FULL WEEK, FULL DAY, Ages 10+! Small “Make & Take” projects will be used to teach basic sewing skills in the all day camp. In the afternoon, participants will use those skills to help create quilt tops to be donated to local veterans through a community service project. No prior sewing experience is necessary, machines and supplies will be provided. A follow-up event will be held in August to award the quilts to local veterans.

Board Games and More! : FULL WEEK, FULL DAY, Ages 4+! Play board games, create your own board games and share board games in this fun end of summer camp!

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